Capacity Middle East and APRICOT compared….

Well as you know I prefer Hong Kong to Dubai but cant complain as neither are the dumps I used to travel too!! But how was it for business?

APRICOT (attendees 1,300) in Hong Kong was good for potential new business, met alot of carriers and ISP’s from around APAC and have loads of followup to do. If I dont close some of those then I need a job that comes with a company MOP and bucket! 🙂 Still I have done alot of ground work in APAC over the last 12 months and hopefully that is coming to fruition. I am especially excited about one global player who you will see on the AMS-IX customer list real soon, a real coupe to land them I tell you.

Capacity Middle East (attendees 700) was not so good for new leads but excellent for catching up with current partners and plotting how to make some waves with them. I have high hopes of upsetting my competition (big style) in London and Germany, watch this space.

If (a big if?) my situation does not change I will be going to both events again next year but would probably put some more planning effort into the Middle East event.

Capacity Middle East and APRICOT compared….

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