Whats more important at work? Conditions or cold hard cash?

A big issue  some people have to think about is what is more important, conditions at work or cold hard cash! A nice dilema to be in but big choice all the same.

While many people are celebrating the cashing of share options, presidency club trips and new cars at work others, despite busting targets, have nothing extra to show for it.

The end of the day the choice to work for an association is a choice so no moaning should really take place but some people put pressure on themselves wherever they work, they just want to acheive results. I guess its all about the mentality of the person making the choices and the organization in question.

All situations are different but how about an association who wants to position itself as professional (and it is very professional)? Should the rewards be on offer that are avalaible elsewhere?

So the question is how much is work / life balance important in the short term and long term? Is the best idea to take the pressure and rewards while it’s on offer and maybe look at a more relaxed option later on in life? Or is life too short and take the nice option now and keep buying the lottery tickets?

A very very difficult question to answer indeed!

Whats more important at work? Conditions or cold hard cash?

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