Q1 2011 Report – A good one.

Well Q1 2011 was a new record for AMS-IX in terms of new connections (both live and applications), the membership of the IX is growing with new customers added from Hong Kong, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Sri Lanka and of course Russia!

As I write, just a week into Q2, we are already over target for Q2 and the backlog looks healthy. In terms of members we are second to none, in terms of diversity of members second to none and I can argue in terms of traffic we are number one.

Being number one is good but does make you a target to be shot at, still I would rather be leading than chasing.

The partnership program is growing and trying to make all the partners successful is a big job but going well. The partnership program makes it easy for people to connect and helps the co-locations grow.

Lets hope Q2 is as good then maybe I can relax for a while. During Q2 we will launch ‘customers’ as opposed to members which should help people from further afield get the paperwork past the lawyers.

So a good Q2 is needed then i can take a few months off!!

Q1 2011 Report – A good one.

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