Reflections on RIPE62 – How was it for me?

Well just finished (loose) attendance of my second RIPE meeting, I can’t see me attending many more unless they are in Amsterdam. The meetings are good for what they are (technical policy etc) but for someone with a more commercial thinking they are not worth the time or the budget. Adding to the fact that the company I work for are already well represented I will give the next one a wide berth!!

The tone was set when I walked in on the first lunchtime and promptly was invited for a beer on Dam Square by one (and then two) of the companies I work with “no action here Jon, nobody with a wallet’!

So what did I get out of it? Was it worth it? I managed to touch base with some of my current partners, buy drinks for the best ones and pressure the under performing ones (you know who you are). As well as that we managed to get a signed contract out of one reseller but another I was after kept hiding, still will happen sooner or later. The highlight was probably one of the partners announcing that they will be offering my service right in the heart of enemy territory which will hopefully shake a few people up. So as it was in Amsterdam an cost me nothing to attend is was worth popping along but to travel for this event? Probably not.

The RIPE community is very different from the commercial circles that I normally move in, these guys have an important role but some of them have such a sense of self importance it is frightening and hard for me to be around. Added to that some of the beards and t-shirts are fun to see! :-))

Overall the best networking event was the two socials I attended, the AMS-IX party and the RIPE dinner – both which were better events that I imagined but the RIPE dinner was not worth the money.

So I guess this was my last RIPE event until the next one in Amsterdam but never say never……

Reflections on RIPE62 – How was it for me?

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