International Telecoms Week 2011 – Up next.

Well the zoo comes around again, a huge event with around 3,500 people in attendance. Last year was mine as well as AMS-IX’s first year at the event so we decided to go again. After much consideration we decided not to sponsor the event as this would have required us to take a minimum of 4 people in order to have the booth managed, it will just be me and the CEO again.

With a week to go until the event I have pretty much filled the 3 days with meetings, a nice spread of leads, customers and partners – the event appears to be worth it before we even get there. Still the challenge will be keeping on top of the followup and seeking the ‘unexpected’ opportunities whilst there.

The challenge at ITW is trying to ‘bump’ into people at the socials and during the day, like everything in the US, it is very big and confusing! 🙂 Still I will manage it as I always seem to do by simply walking around and wearing my shoes out.

The downside of going to ITW is the fact it is in the US! It is my least favorite country to go to, problems with immigration, the ‘plastic’ service and the general sense of predicatbility around the place. Still I try to limit my trips there and guess once a year is the minimum requirement.

So I expect a good event, too much to drink and hopefully some time to do some shopping.

International Telecoms Week 2011 – Up next.

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