International Telecoms Week 2011, how was it?

Well as I am sure many people did the same and reffered to the event as a zoo!!! Stil zoo or not it was very productive for me and AMS-IX, however this being only our second event there isnt so much to compare it too. The one thing that stuck me is how many people I now know in the industry, walking through the venue there was endless ‘alright Jon’, ‘good to see you Jon’ etc etc – I must be doing something right (or wrong).

Prior to the event I managed to set up a good number of meetings for me and the CEO with a number of potential customers, partners and existig customers the 2.5 days we were there were back to back to be honest. On top of the meetings there was a arge number of social events to go to and we did our best to get to as many as possible. Due to the sheet scale of the event to socials have limited value as people tend to be spread across a number of locations across the DC area. I enjoyed the Hutch Global event (although it was busy) and the Global Crossing event was a good as ever. I did not see an Equinix event advertised, maybe they are cutting down on the budget! Still I did manage to get a couple of drinks out of their Dutch sales guy which is an acheivement in itself.

The meetings I managed to secure were pretty impressive, we managed to address numerous C level executives from Tier 1 carriers and prospects from all over the world including Russia, APAC and USA. Meetings are all well and good but need to be productive and have a goal, all of our meetings had goals and I expect to turn some of the prospects into customers and some productive partners into even more productive partners.

The real work starts now with the follow-up being key to making the deals happen, a busy time indeed and this is part of the process I am trying to improove my effectivness on. I am getting there slowely and learning to prioritise.

Other points to note were a top dinner at a top restaurant courtesy of one of our co-locations and an informal beer night with some friends (Aydin, Mark, Sergy) at which i found out I am annoying my competitors which made me very very happy.

Next year I will be at ITW again, it which capacity remains to be seen. :-)) Watch this space.

International Telecoms Week 2011, how was it?

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