Back from Prague (Capacity CEE) – Targets for 2011 done already!

Well Capacity CEE was a pretty good event for me and AMS-IX, I always feel I could do more at these events but am happy with the results all the same. I had a number of meetings and the mix was good a) prospects b) customers and c) partners – I expect some business out of it in both the long and short term. Once again the team from Capacity Media did an excellent job of arranging the event and making sure a good mix of people attended, having said that I am not so sure I will go to this event next year as there are so many events in the region (CEE).

Generally the only events I go to are those organised by Capacity Media but maybe there are just too many of them in the region, there is the Balkans, Capacity CEE and now Capacity Eurasia (or something) – the fear I have is I wont meet the spread of people in return for the time spent. For sure I will attend the Balkans event next year but probably not the CEE event and I dont see what extra I can do at Eurasia when I already plan to go to the event in Middle East and Asia. Still lets see what comes along and where I dig my leads up from before we make any commitments.

As well as the trip to Prague (great Telefonica eventing btw) the highlight of June was hitting the sales targets for the whole year already! Although I cannot take all the credit for this (its a team effort afterall) I like to think I have contributed alot towards it so happy all the same. Anyway I now have been set new goals by my management so have something to go after for the rest of the year, should be a challenge but I am sure I can step upto it – will keep you posted.

So whats up next? Well a short trip to Frankfurt to spread the word and then off to Africa for some longer term business development, both should be fun and rewarding. A also think I need to go to London as I hear there is business to be done due to some problems with a certain company over there… Watch this space!

Back from Prague (Capacity CEE) – Targets for 2011 done already!

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