Africa here I come!

Well next week see’s me off to West Africa for a conference and some partner meetings, this will be my first trip to that continent for 10 months and that is far too long a break. Last time I was in Africa I learnt that it is one of the most connected Continent in the world (in terms of submarine capacity) but the problem is that connectivity stops at the landing stations. The connectivity is never going to be on traditional fixed lines but the mobile connectivity is going to drive the coverage and that is picking up fast.

My old boss is banking on ‘basic’ services using voice ( and I think that will work but I amso see data and Internet being big, hence my trip there next week. Having started to ‘sow the seed’ in the African market this trip will hopefully build on that and within the next 3 – 6 months a few more African networks wil start to appear on the AMS-IX customer list.

As ever prior to my trip I have been working hard to secure some meetings during the event and that has been ok up until now, already scheduled are meetings with sub sea cable operators, regional operators and people looking to establish IX’s across the continent.

Keep an eye on the ams-ix member list for new African peers and I will update you all in the near future.


Africa here I come!

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