Back from Africa!

Well I am back from Africa (actually have been for a couple of weeks), so how did it go? In general for business is was pretty good, I was expecting it to be totally long term business development but ran into some current and soo to be customers.

The meeting was basically about the peering (IX) scene in Africa and the idea was to help encourage people to either start IX’s on the continent or to actually join some of the exisiting IX’s. The meeting was well attended by people who run IX’s but I was dissapointed at the lack of ISP etc who were (or rather were not) in attendance. Comming from a large European (soon to be worldwide) IX it was interesting to understand from the people the levels of traffic currently running about the continent, I had to remmeber they talk in Megabytes rather than Terrabytes! 🙂 Still the continent has potential, it will take time for the internet penetration to rise but its is getting there (most due to Huawei and ZTE’s cost effective mobile networks).

As well as talking to people we (AMS-IX) also agreed to donate some equipment to the IX in Kenya, all for the good if the Internet you know! 🙂 Will be good to see the equipment later in the year when I visit the country for a different conference but am still worried I will end up having to carry some spares with me….

The trip was interesting for business too, met up with two new customers and also had a good chat with a large prospect I have been chasing soon. Watch this space… Generally I think I will pick up some business from Africa in 2012 rather than the back end of 2011 but that is not news to me. I have managed to establish some good routes and contacts for people wanting to connect to a major IX in Europe without the need to have to go via London which is becoming a regular request.

Already the next trip to the continent is booked (further south this time) and hopefully it will be worth the trip.

Prior to the next trip i will try to write again but am finding it as hard as I expected to keep this thing going. I have some half written posts about various topics so they will probably appear in a flood.

As for the blog, well the number of views are increasing but not to huge numbers – will try to do something about that soon.

Back from Africa!

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