How was 2011 for me business wise? Plans for 2012!

My plans to blog regularly were not executed as well as I would have expected, I hope to do better in 2012.

Well 2011 was good for work with a record amount of new connected parties and a pile of new ports coming online. On the positive side a couple of new partners (Atrato IP networks in particular) brought on a lot of new customers but some of the colocations are proving to be more than disappointing. The spread of customers was good in terms of geography but it would be nice to see some of them bringing more traffic to Amsterdam as opposed to other IX’s in Europe, still that is a project for 2012. So the coming year will a continuation of the methods used during the last 2 years plus a few surprises along the way.

So what does 2012 hold for AMS-IX and particularly the sales effort.

As you would expect I won’t be divulging everything here as it will give my competition the heads up but some things to look out for include:-

  • The continued success of the AMS-IX partner program.

During 2011 the partner program was a great success and the challenge is to replicate that in 2012, it is important to note that the program we launched in 2010 has been copied by the other IX’s (one actually presents the program as the same as AMS-IX).

  •  Direct sales will take a step up to a more proactive level.

At the end of 2011 we expanded the sales team at AMS-IX and we now have more bandwidth to undertake a direct sales campaign, the expected outcome is more connections for AMS-IX and most probably more business for our partners.

  •  The AMS-IX name and brand popping up in new places via a number of programs and initiatives we are putting into place.

A number of sales and marketing strategies have been put in place that will come on-line during 2012 and the AMS-IX brand will be seen in some surprising places. The most notable project is the ‘AMS-IX Enabled’ project with the first sites to be announced in January 2012.

  •  New services will be positioned and promoted.

During 2012 I will be pushing the new SLA offering that AMS-IX has as well as seeing if I can move the I-IPX offering forward.

AMS-IX and the co-locations.

It will be interesting to see how the colocation market develops in 2012, especially around Amsterdam. The technical news has been full of stuff recently relating to Amsterdam becoming the hub of European connectivity and a prime location for companies to situate equipment in. One such article (in Dutch I’m afraid so maybe biased can be found here:-

In 2012 AMS-IX will be popping two new locations (Evoswitch and Terremark) as well as expanding into the new facilities being built by Telecity and Equinix, hopefully their expansions will bring with them lots of ports and traffic to the Internet Exchange.

The bulk of of the AMS-IX traffic comes from 2 locations with two others also giving a significant contribution, the other locations are lagging far behind but I will keep trying to add traffic at those as time allows.

In addition to these new sites AMS-IX will also be expanding much further afield with a new IX in another part of the world, more details to follow once the news is public.

Travel Plans for 2012
For the past 2 years I have been a regular face on the Capacity Media circuit and that will remain the case in 2012, the events are good for meeting existing and new contacts, during the time I have built up some pretty strong friendships and hope they continue.

I will also be attending some different events and will post more details of these as they get announced.

The plan is to visit the following regions at least twice during the course of the year :- Africa, United States, Asia Pacific and probably more trips closer to home in the EU.

The first trip is to PTC (Honolulu) middle of January and the diary is pretty full for that event already, its a great show to meet people from all over the world and the venue isn’t too bad either!

Summary – Looking forward to 2012.
The plans are coming along well and I HOPE to be more disciplined and blog more about them as they develop in the coming 12 months.

*** Additional note:- At the end of week 1 we have 2 new customers at AMS-IX already, long may it continue!

How was 2011 for me business wise? Plans for 2012!

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