The trip back from Honolulu, what a drama!!!

Well I’m back and will write an overview soon but thought my interesting flight back would be worth sharing…. The plan was as follows:-

Leave Honolulu on Wednesday night at 23:00 on Delta, fly to Seattle, wait 6 hours then fly to Amsterdam on Delta arriving at 8:30am Friday in Amsterdam but here is how it turned out…..

Flight departed Honolulu on time so all good upto now but on final approach we got put in a holding patern as the runway was too icy, after 20 mins holding we got dirverted to Portland as the weather was too bad in Seattle. As I had 6 hours to wait for my connection I was not too bothered, I could even drive to Seattle from Portland in 3 hours.

So we arrive in Portland and after 1 hour sitting on the plane they tell us we will leave to Salt Lake City and be rebooked onwards from there (most probably to Seattle in time for the connection). We leave to gate and taxi to the runway but all of a sudden we turn around and go back to the gate. At the gate (but still on the plane) we are told the pilot has flown too many hours and cant continue, they ned to find another pilot….

After 2 more hours anther pilot shows up…. All during this time we are not fed or given anything to drink, we can get off the plane and have a walk around but told not to go more than 5 mins from the gate.  I use the time to go to the lounge and see if they can help me, my new booking is Salt Lake City – Minniapolis and then onward to Amsterdam (in economy as no business seats are free… I am told then would prefer me to fly business from New York but that adds 2 more flights onto the journey and a one day delay – I would have to pay for my hotel as they wont (weather is an act of god).

The flight leaves Portland bound for Salt Lake City after a delay of 3 hours, upon arrival ground staff enter the plane and say ‘anyone bound form Amsterdam or Boston stay on the plane and everyone not off as fast as possible!

The plane then continues to Minniapolis as a sort of private charter with about 20 of us on it. Once we land I have been on the same plane for pretty much 14 hours with just one Sandwhich and a few bags of peanuts to eat. The staff we friendly enough but had no idea what we going on!

So we land in Minniapolis 20 mins before the flight to Amsterdam leaves we are rushed to the plane (about 6 of us) on buggies and once I am on the door closes and it’s off to Amsterdam.

The flight to Amsterdam is uneventful but I must say the economy class in Delta is terrible! No entertainment, rude staff and terrible food!

Upon arrival in Amsterdam (only 2 hours after I was supposed to arrive on my booked flights) my bags are not there (still in US) but do arrive 24 hours later (which isnt too bad).

Now it’s onto KLM to see what compensation I can get… Will let you know.

The trip back from Honolulu, what a drama!!!

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