How has 2012 started off work wise…….

Well 2012 is well underway at AMS-IX and its time for a short review of the start we have made in the sale department. In short it is going OK but could be doing a bit better, we just need some things to come off and a bit of luck! And, as they say, the harder you work the luckier you are so we should be ok.

At time of writing we are on target for sales of both ports (capacity) as well as new connected parties. As expected the partners are bringing more connections than we get directly but, following funnel analysis, I expect that to even out as the year progresses. Members are being connected from far and wide and, as with last year, Atrato IP Networks are leading the way for new business. Well done guys!

As well as the ‘run of the mill’ work some new things are coming along, we have gone live with our first ‘AMS-IX Enabled’ site in London and soon will be live with something in Germany. Other things happening include AMS-IX opening an IX in Asia (next week) and detailed discussions on opening elsewhere in the world.

Quarter 2 looks to be a good one and will tell where we are with the numbers and expectations, will keep you posted.

Off to Dubai now for Capacity Middle East, a good event for us with a number of interesting meetings set up.

How has 2012 started off work wise…….

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