Reflection on Q1 2012

*This post was written a week ago but I could not upload if from China, the great Chinese firewall*

Well Q1 has been closed and it went really fast, the good news is the targets have been met and a good start was had to the year.

In summary a lot of capacity was sold most of which were upgrades but I hope to see more new ports come in during Q2 as the pipeline is strong and growing all the time. In terms of members we managed to pull in over 20 new customers / members with the greater number coming from partners as opposed to direct, again I expect this to change in Q2 unless one partner in particular has something up their sleeve (you know who you are). The most surprising element of Q1 was the fact that two partners are producing more than the others and brought the same number of connections (although one did bring noticeably more capacity than the other).

Travel in Q1 was ok with myself doing trips to US (Honolulu), UAE and The Philippines (part work part holiday) and the other member of the sales team going to US and a couple of trips in Europe. My next trip is very soon, this will see be visit Beijing again which is always good.

I guess the major acheivement in Q1 was the launch of our joint venture with Hutchison Global Communications which see’s the AMS-IX brand expand into Asia and I am working hard to make this work out well.

As I write we are already into Q2 and a few new customers have been landed, its always good to start the quarter off well.

Anyway enough for now, off to China in a few days to spread the word and promote AMS-IX HK, updates to follow.

Reflection on Q1 2012

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