Back from China, getting ready for ITW (Chicago)

Had a good trip to China and met some interesting people at the conference, a real mix of people from across China, Asia and Europe. The market in China is ‘different’ but I managed to open some doors and hopefully things will happen in the (probably) longer term.

Some of the highlights of China were the joint meetings with Hutchison Global Communications held with people who are interested in connecting to our new join venture (AMS-IX HK). Interest is high and it is just a matter of closing some deals. Watch this space! I also had the pleasure of visiting some of the big carriers in their offices, nice to be invited and get out the madness of the conference bubble. Business is china is complicated but its a matter of time and meeting the correct people – something I am trying to achieve. I have a pile of follow-up to do and I am mostly done with it, with a bit of luck it will lead to more work and some new customers.

An added bonus was a free upgrade on the flight on the way home, on an 11 hour flight it makes a difference – a big thanks to China Southern Airlines!

Well no sooner am I back and it’s time to get ready for ITW in Chicago, the agenda is filling up nicely with good meetings and, of course, the evening events. ITW is a great event for us as we meet people from all over the world, the mail problem is fitting in all the meetings!

Anyway will give an update after the event.


Back from China, getting ready for ITW (Chicago)

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