Back from Chicago, onto the AMS-IX event……

Well ITW was all it promised to be, very busy and non stop from 7am until well after midnight! The conference was good and, as ever, we managed to see a lot of CEO’s and decision makers as well as get some firm leads. Having an extra person there in the team helped and it allowed us to accomodate the numerous last minute meetings and schedule changes.

This was my thrid year at ITW and the first year the event had been held in Chicago, my first time there and what a great city! I normally dont like going to the US but this was different, no line at immigration, a very nice plane to get there and staying in a city like you see in the movies! The venue (Hyatt) took some getting used too but was much better than the venue in Washington albeit the normal problems with the lifts but what can you expect when 6,000 people descend on one hotel.

As ever the socials were great, I attended the Epsilon event (great venue up a tower), the Blue City event (top of the old sears tower), the PACNET event at the Cubs game was an experience and, as ever, the Pantel party was not to be missed.

I now have a pile of work to do following up all the promises I made to customers and leads!

Last week was the AMS-IX More-IP event which was pretty well attended but the majority of attendees were from the local ISP community (although the IPX session went well too). The highlight was the comedian from Boom Chicago, its a shame there were not so many people in attendance. We are slowly transforming the event from a ‘dutch club’ to a ‘international crown’ this will take time but we are getting there.

As for the next trip, well I dont know as I need to plan things in the coming days. The usual suspects of Prague, Moscow and U.A.E will appear but might be a few new places on the horizon such as Boston and Bangkok. Will keep you posted.

More soon, maybe even my views on marketing people and some twitter spam I received!

Back from Chicago, onto the AMS-IX event……

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