First half of 2012 – Hostingcon 2012, a new event and a new city.

The first half of 2012 has been good in terms of results at AMS-IX with, some higher than normal, targets hit and exceeded. You could say we have been lucky but the harder you work the luckier you get! Once again the Reseller program is proving a good channel to bring ports to AMS-IX and this year we have a new name at the top of the leader board (I wonder if they can stay) and also (very importantly) a couple of other resellers have stepped up and brought in members. In total we brought in over 50 new customers with over 100 x 10GE connections making up new capacity. The second half of the year is looking good with the pipeline in good shape with a fair number of larger connections (+10GE).

Well next week I am off to Hostingcon in Boston ( which is both a new event and a new city for me so will be interesting one way or another.

This year I am trying alternative events to see if I can expand the network (and thus business further). I will still be a regular on the (great) events run by Capacity Media but it never hurts to go to different things and meet different people. In my opinion the Capacity events are THE PLACE to meet the carriers who own / run the networks but I also need to do more on meeting the people who use those networks and take ports at AMS-IX, hopefully this will be the place.

Well before I get on the plane a small matter of my oldest daughters 4th birthday party needs to be taken care of, lets hope the sun shines (for the first time this summer).

Updates on the travel (and birthday) to follow.

First half of 2012 – Hostingcon 2012, a new event and a new city.

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