The Boston trip – Hostingcon

So I have been back a week now and its about time I put some thoughts down about the trip (as I promised too). The event was pretty good with a lot of technical sessions but also two commercial halls, so the people knew what they were going to get which was good.

The event was very USA focused in terms of the companies in attendence but alot of those are either in Europe or looking for POP’s in Europe so the auidence was good. I did not make so many appointments in advance but was helped by the fact two of our colocations (TelecityGroup and Evoswitch) had  booths there and I was free to hang around and meet people.

The guys from Evoswitch (our newest location / and from TelecityGroup (AMS-IX largest location / are all very knowledgeable, inventive and not to mention fun! I expect great things from them both in the coming months and will do everything I can to help out where I can. Of course we have other locations that need time and attention too and I will do my best to get around them all. An overview of the Datacenter market in Amsterdam is for another entry at another time.

All in all I met alot of exisiting customers but also managed to unearth some decent prospects which I hope to close soon. With a fair wind I will be able to atribute 3 new logo’s and somewhere between 20 and 60 GE’s of traffic to this event (which is pretty good in comparison to other events).

As for the event, it was organised well and in a good location, to say that it was well sponsored would be an understatement! I had a free pick up from the airport (with sales pitch), my room key was sponsored, every morning multiple flyers were pushed under my door but, most importantly, there was lots of free beer and networking!

The socials at the event were held in close proximity to the hotel (Sheraton Boston) is a string of bars, hence there was alot of overlapping and mixing of parties (good for networking but not for the liver)!

All in all a good trip for the business and, schedule permitting, will be on the agenda for next year (Austin, Texas I am told).

It was my first visit to Boston and hopefully not the last. I was told it was very European but to be honest didnt see so much of that, nice place all the same and not your typical US city. A special thanks go’s to Bob from Renesys for showing us the sights and finding a great authentic Chinese restaurant.

So in summary a good trip where I met a different section of the industry and I was able to expand my network somewhat.

The Boston trip – Hostingcon

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