Targets close and the travel circus starts again!

Well its been a while, things have been slow at work but still managed to almost do the main target already.

The expected summer ‘quiet period’ for picking up new customers didnt really happen and Q2 / Q3 (to date) have been very productive. At the time of writing there have been 75 new customers / members making the commitment to join AMS-IX in 2012 which is pretty good. We are actually close to hitting the yearly target and will do so in Q3 then things will slow down as we try to line up 2013. Along with the new customers comes the capacity / upgrade sales and they are coming along nicely.

Well as the summer is over it is time for the conference season to begin again, next week is the first trip and I am off to Africa! In terms of the digital world Africa is moving at an ever increasing pace with lots of demand and smart, resourceful people trying to get things moving. It is often said (in terms of conectivity) that it is the best connected continent in the world but the problem is the connectivity stops at the beach…….

This will be my first trip to Tanzania and also a first long haul flight with British Airways! My preferance is to fly KLM (for the free tickets) but they are just so so expensive currently so I am sharing the business around.

Anyway will write more later, need to catch a plane!

Targets close and the travel circus starts again!

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