Pressing ahead and chasing the numbers (the circle of professional sales life)…

Well this has been a draft for sometime, no content but just the title and maybe now if the time to actually write something down. So why is it a good time? Well Q3 has just passed and the main sales target has been reached, other might follow and some will fall short some for reasons within my control and some outside of my control.

Once the target has been reached there is no joyful feeling really but thoughts turn to trying to match (and exceed) the targets that will be given for 2013. It appears that a life in sales is one blur of chasing numbers and then starting all over again, still I enjoy it and it means a constant challenge. I sometimes wonder how people with no measurable targets in their work (and life) manage to keep motivated and find the energy to get up in the morning!

Anyway i am busy writing the plan for 2013, it promises to be an interesting year from an AMS-IX point of view. We are expanding the sales force further, I see strong competition in the Datacenter market in Amsterdam (good for me), competition from other IX’s (some more than others),  the AMS-IX HK project is building momentum and there will be more AMS-IX sites across the world.

So what will be in my plan? Well I can’t write it here for obvious reasons i.e. some of my competition follow me and I dont want to give anything away… But I have some new ideas to supplement the proven methods I use, some conventional and some less so. Only time will tell if it will work but i will drive it the best I can and hope to get the buy-in of the entire team to make it work.

Still tomorrow I am off to Frankfurt for the CNX6 event, it will be my first trip to Germany this year – which is unforgivable I guess but the numbers are good so guess I am allowed….

Pressing ahead and chasing the numbers (the circle of professional sales life)…

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