And I’m back – up and running. Welcome to 2013 and some new challenges…

Well 2012 was pretty much a disaster blog wise and I expect 2013 will be the same but I will try to make it work this year!

As with any new year a salesmans year starts with all the counters being rest to a big fat zero and the preverbial mountain to climb, this can be depressing but also a nice challenge. This year will be even different as I am now somewhat in charge of the sales efforts, previously the sale team reported in the CMO but now they report to me! Its not a huge team (4 people including me) but it now means I am (more) accountable than before…..

The year has started well as I am trying to finishes this with some good orders received from both new and current customers, its always good to start well and get off of zero!

With the new role not alot will change but I will be able to help out and make suggestions for things to be done rather than having to run them past someone else first. I like to think I always contributed some sales ideas to the effort and now will try to step that up.  So the long and tall of a ‘promotion’ is a little bit more cash (although not much once the taxman has his pound of flesh) and more accountability, I am comfortable and happy with this change.

As with previous years (more than I care to remember) this one starts with booking travel and getting ready for time on the road. The first trip this year is again to Pacific Telecoms Council (PTC) event on Honolulu which isnt bad! The event is a good way to kick off the year, I get to meet people from all parts of the world and have a few beers in the sun at the same time!

Hopefully I will remember to update the blog either during or after the travel, I will even try for some pictures…

And I’m back – up and running. Welcome to 2013 and some new challenges…

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