PTC 2013 has been and gone….

Well the first conference of 2013 has been completed and it went very very well, lots of meetings with both new and existing customers – hopefully some business to follow too.

As with previous years I worked hard to set up meetings in advance, in total I have +/- 27 set meetings and an endless list of people I needed to see. All in all the meetings were good and only a couple didnt manage to happen also I saw the people I needed too. As well as the upkeep of the relationships I have built over the years I think some firm orders will come out of the show. It is also good to chat to people and see where the industry is going. Unlike previous years I pretty much refused any formal meetings with Europeans as I can see them anytime without the horrendous travel.

Most of the meetings were good but special mentions should go to Angola Cables and their ambitious project to build a cable between Africa and South America (could this lead to a further shift away from Europe) and also the guy who was constantly typing on his blackberry during the meeting!!! You know who you are! Finally thanks to Perry from Evoswitch for the beer!

The venue for the event is good (although the hotel is stuck in the 70’s) but the travel is deadly! All in all it takes about 24 hours to get there, could do it in about 20 hours but that gives some tight connections and a higher ticket price.

I managed to take a day off while I was there and went to see the museum at Pearl Harbour, was very interesting and somewhat moving.

USS Arizona memorial
USS Arizona memorial
From the USS Arizina
From the USS Arizona

One way or another I plan to be back next year!

Otherwise it promises to be a big year with lots to report….. Watch this space for updates!

PTC 2013 has been and gone….

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