My coffee machine makes coffee, give me a medal!!


I actually wrote this entry about 3 weeks ago but decided not to publish it as I felt I was too late (should have been the next day). However all that was changed last week w/e (24th April) when I attended an event where one of the major providers (US in origin) were still banging on about it….

A few weeks ago(w/c 23rd March 2015) there was an issue with the power grid in the Amsterdam – this caused some outages to houses and business in the area, business whose supply was effected included Datacenters.

Over the last 10 years or Amsterdam has become an internet hotspot (arguably the most important point in Europe) with a huge number of Internet focused companies to be found in Amsterdam’s numerous Datacenters. These companies have chosen Amsterdam for a number of reasons, some of those being the availability of high quality connectivity (driven by the Amsterdam Internet Exchange), the openness for the Dutch legal system to privacy and freedom of expression, the availability of high quality Datacenter space and the stability of the National power supply.

The Grid issues lasted most of the morning and saw the Datacenters infrastructure having to take the multiple MegaWatt load of the servers off of the Grid and in house. Overall all did well with rumors of only one location (not one of the big names but a domestic provider) failing to take up the slack.

After reading these stories of self-congratulation I ended up asking myself why? I mean isn’t keeping the severs powered and cooled one of the key promises that your datacentre provider makes to you? Given some of the stories being generated by locations (some not even in Amsterdam) you would have thought it was a huge achievement for the locations to continue running

Some of the quotes from the providers included “we are proud to have come through the blackout” (does this mean the doubted they would)  and “diesel trucks were immediately dispatched and parked in our car park” (does this mean they have minimal fuel on site)….

Shouting about your datacenter working when there is a national grid outage? Isn’t that what it is supposed to do? It is one of your key promises to your customers!

It’s like saying “well done expensive coffee machine, you managed to make me coffee again”!

My coffee machine makes coffee, give me a medal!!

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