Choosing a new home for your servers or network POP….

Well here I go again, no posts for ages then decide I should do something! I always mean to write something but never get around to it…. However recently there have been so many industry experts writing about ‘choosing co-location’ ‘what to look for in a DC provider’ ‘where to colocate’ and they all appear to miss the point….

All these people (most of whom no longer work in the industry as they can’t hold down a job) talk about the same points at high level but never drill down and see how important those points really are. They all talk about ‘ecosystem’ ‘uptime’ and being ‘green’ – all are valid but you need to look into them to really get to the thing that makes people decide.

This is becoming more and more a buzzword and is a valid point but getting less and less so – the world is changing with the actual number of required players in a valid ecosystem becoming smaller, the days of needing quantity of parts of the ecosystem are gone and it is now quality. As long as the location has a reasonably density of carriers (including a good IX or access to one), access to cloud providers (either on site or remote) and some local eyeball networks you are generally good to go.

The ability to keep the DC standing up in times of trouble and faults has always been key and will remain so however it’s not a differentiator anymore. Even the lower tier (second division) DC’s have good uptime records.

This point is becoming less important and we head into 2016, it’s always good to have some equipment in the key cities (London – Frankfurt – Amsterdam) but more and more these are becoming connectivity nodes with processing power being put in more economic locations. Larger players in the market are now choosing to locate smaller amounts of equipment in the connectivity hubs and more in the so-called ‘B’ markets.

The only non technical point on the list that could, in the coming months, become key to selection, time will tell how important but already many customers are choosing to locate in Germany for example (at large cost) due to it.

All in all the marketplace and selection criteria is changing at a fairly quick pace with the word ‘Cloud’ turning into multiple words (that are generally AWS, Azure and Softlayer).

So what is the answer (in my opinion)….
Its simple (literally) It’s the expertise shown by the person you deal with, the trust that is built up and the easy of doing business!! This is something that all the experts miss! Keep it simple is key, too much to write here so a dedicated post to come on that in the near future.

Might be I have too basic view on things but the worst thing you can do is complicate any transaction, why create confusion when not needed?

Well that all from me, until next time!

Choosing a new home for your servers or network POP….

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